Powering RPAS that are engineered for the Indian spirit.

TUNGA, Technology Upgradation of Naval, Ground, and Air Systems is an original equipment manufacturer of new-age drone technologies based out of Chennai with its Center of Excellence in Design Engineering located at IIT Madras research park.

We are here to bring versatility within reach in the world of drones. We want to contribute to the country’s vision of becoming self-reliant on the technological front. We have thus successfully designed, developed, and manufactured class-leading UAVs for commercial and mission-critical applications indigenously.

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RPAS that are big on details, better on precision, and best on on quality.

Our drones can forever change the way you fly. Every last component is constructed by TUNGA to ensure that you’re presented with the best solution for all your aerial requirements. Through versatile designs, every single drone is configured to have a mind of its own. They are built optimally for easy deployment with flexibility for additional payload customization according to your exact requirements.


Better built. Forever backed.

We are here to set confidence in motion through drones that are made hands-on by the best minds in the country. No drone by TUNGA is merely assembled. They are rather developed from the basic blueprints with multiple touches of innovation. This enables us to offer you continuous customization assistance for you to keep your RPAS as up-to-date as possible.

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Delivering drones that are ruggedized to withstand any weather or terrain effortlessly

Our drones can effortlessly withstand extreme temperatures of -10⁰C to 55⁰C and wind resistance of 45kmph with zero compromises.

Our Products

Some of our major applications among many others

Made like a gun. Tested like a machine. Performs more than a human.

Each of our drones resonate a class of their own.

What's Happening Now

Coming Soon

Through an exclusive collaboration with IIT Madras, we are also developing an RPAS marvel, Leviity

We can customize our drones your way according to your specific payload requirements.