A touch of sophistication for all your inspection routines.

RPAS for you to keep a keen eye against the unknowns.

Focus on the details, no matter how small.

Manual inspection at huge heights is redundant and also hazard-prone. You might also require an operational interruption or shutdowns to monitor these high reach areas. Simplify all your remote monitoring requirements with technology-rich RPAS by TUNGA. Harness the power of our precision cameras that are designed to give you a crystal clear visual of what’s happening beyond reach. With life-like intelligence, our drones can fly all the way for you and detect any anomalies automatically by themselves within the whole of your perimeter.

No limitations. No setbacks. Just efficiency at its best.

Deploying digital systems for inspection can make the whole process scale up their levels of productivity. The real-time data outputs from aerial UAVs can help you make well-informed decisions. With automated video-based navigation, our RPAS can pretty much bend all the way backward even in the hardest to reach areas while your visuals remain perfectly steady without interruptions.

What can our drones inspect?

Pretty much everything. We have sound configurations that are created to pass your requirements checklist. Oil & gas plant inspection, solar cells monitoring, electric lines defect identification, windmill blade inspection, industrial chimney assessment, confined hard-to-reach areas visualization, infrastructure check-ups, and complete overhead surveillance are some of the areas where our drone can be of assistance to you. Since every last component of our technology is made by ourselves, we offer you more room for customizable payloads to scale up as you have future scope for other operations.

Features that make our drone stand out.

  • Associated Artificial Intelligence for smart remote tracking and surveillance
  • Round the clock facility monitoring and overhead inspection
  • Acts as first responder system to analyze a situation in case of fires or other threats
  • Crowd monitoring with multiple moving target trial generation
  • Crystal clear cameras with 10x optical zoom
  • Thermal imaging and heat mapping for night time navigations
  • Self-diagnosing smart batteries that can never fail you when you need them the most
  • RPV mode for GPS denied situations
  • Ruggedized to resist any weather and to suit any conditions
  • Easy deployment in just under 10 minutes
  • Customizable payload configurations to add up any feature that you may want in the future
  • An endurance like no other with a wide overall operational range

Built by soldiers who understand what matters.

Who better can understand the importance of having a keen eye on things that matter than the people who have spent their time protecting the country? Yes, TUNGA’s core team members are people with a vision backed by real experiences. By employing the top minds of the country, they have given life to their ideas and created new-age ingenious technology products.

Let’s bring your vision to life.

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