Built by soldiers. Built for soldiers.

Defence & Homeland Security RPAS for you to keep an eye from the above and beyond.

Committed to its purpose. Just like you.

At TUNGA, we have designed and developed drones that can be easily deployed for long-distance mission-critical applications by the defence forces on the frontier. Built with a spark of innovation and a touch of intelligence, they can survey, detect, classify, identify and track all your targets.

Technology you can trust and innovation that you can fall back on.

Being a technology company that took shape out of monumental passion and patriotism for the country, we stand today as an industry leader building commercial and defence RPAS that are powered for performance. Since every last component is developed by us, our RPAS offers complete flexibility for customizable payloads to scale up their scope of operation as and when you require along with lifetime service assistance.

Your guardian angel from above. Here’s all that our drones can do for you

  • Associated Artificial Intelligence for smart remote tracking and surveillance
  • Threat or risk assessment, reconnaissance, and counter-insurgency assistance
  • Crowd monitoring, target tracking, multiple moving target trail generation
  • Disaster response, border surveillance, terrain assessment, and combat support
  • Wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching monitoring
  • Crystal clear cameras with 10x optical zoom
  • Thermal imaging and heat mapping for night time monitoring
  • RPV mode in GPS denied conditions
  • Self-diagnosing smart batteries that can never fail you when you need them the most
  • Ruggedized to resist any weather and to suit any terrain
  • Easy deployment in just under 10 minutes
  • Customizable payload configurations
  • Best-in-class endurance with a wide overall operational range

Our Novel Technologies

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