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Why Sanjay?

Sanjay, a drone of its kind has been developed for robust defence surveillance. This class-leading RPAS gets its name from the epic that has run in the roots of the country for generations, the Mahabharata. Sanjaya, being blessed with a keen battlefield vision keeps the blind king Dhritarashtra updated about every single happening of the war without leaving his side for a second. Sanjay, the technology spectacle will keep you covered from the horizon for any of your mission-critical ground operations.
  • Smartly developed with carbon fiber composite airframe at just under 7 kgs for opening new roads above the clouds.
  • Powered with precision aerodynamics to complete the missions you start without interruption and soars for 2 whole hours at an operational range of 15Kms.
  • Best-in-class defence survey drone with an unmatched capacity to operate at an altitude as high as 5000m AMSL.

Built to be as tough as our defence forces on the frontier!

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  • Flies effortlessly at a wind resistance of 45kmph or at extreme temperatures of -10⁰C to 55⁰C.
  • Developed for tactical reconnaissance and comprehensive aerial surveillance with real-time AES 128/256 encrypted datalinks that are precise to every last pixel with minimal latency.
  • Offers superior accuracy to survey, detect, classify, identify, and tracking of targets with a trail generation feature.
  • Integrated with a smart Li-ion and lithium polymer infused battery that is the first of its kind in a drone with self-diagnosing capabilities to offer a fail-proof operational advantage.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 3m Wingspan, 1.4m Long

Range > 15 km

Weight <7 kg

Max Launch Altitude - 3500 AMSL

Max Operating Altitude - 5000m AMSL

Typical Cruise Speed - 22 m/s

Functional Temperature -10°C to +50°C

Endurance > 120 min

Wind Resistance - 45 kmph

Launch & Recovery - Autonomous (VTOL)

Deployment Time <10 mins

Propulsion Type - Electric Battery Operated

Carries sturdy cameras that will empower you with real-time knowledge for on-ground domination

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  • Three axes stabilization for clear visualization, no matter the weather or conditions.
  • Daylight Camera with FHD 4K resolution that is near close to human vision.
  • Leaves no detail unseen with 10x optical zoom.
  • Thermal imaging with sensitive LWIR
  • Improved focal length, wide field of view

Unrivalled intelligence to carry out infinite military applications

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  • Aerial surveillance and homeland security
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Counterinsurgency
  • Target acquisition and motion tracking
  • Forest and wildlife monitoring

Ground Control Station

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    Brilliantly envisioned for complete reliability

  • Size - Ruggedised 13” Toughbook
  • Nature- Ergonomic, and weather-proof
  • GUI - Intuitive with secure real-time data links of improved accuracy and autonomous flight operations
  • Software - Completely coded in-house
  • Performance - Tested to remain steadily operational up to 500 flight hours or 1000 flights
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